Stone Retaining Walls in Fairfax and Loudoun County Virginia

Stone Retaining Wall North Virginia By Herndon Clock Tower

Stone Retaining Walls in Fairfax and Loudoun County Virginia

Pavers Driveways VA has been designing and building quality custom retaining walls in the Northern Virginia area for over 25 years. There are countless options when it comes to designing the perfect retaining wall for your home. Location, materials, and budget are all factors that need to be accounted for when beginning to design your retaining wall. Pavers Driveways VA  works closely with the homeowner to ensure the best possible wall design is developed and all your needs are met. We will help you generate ideas for your retaining wall as well as landscaping ideas for your yard. Below are some factors to keep in mind while planning your retaining wall design


Pavers Driveways VA offers various retaining wall options including but not limited to natural stone retaining walls, flagstone retaining walls, brick retaining walls, stone retaining walls, and paver retaining walls. Generally a retaining wall is built with a CMU block base and then has a veneer  added for aesthetic  purposes. We select only quality natural stone, flagstone, brick, concrete, and pavers for our clients. Stone offers many color choices and design options. Flagstone has a natural and organic look. Using bricks for your retaining wall is an affordable and timeless classic. 


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